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Try a Copper Magnetic Bracelet for Pain Relief

Muscle and bone aches and pains are a common complaint. One popular alternative therapy is the use of a copper magnetic bracelet. The bracelet is believed to combine the healing properties of copper and magnetic therapy. Traditional medical practice points out that scientific studies do not support this claim.

Copper has been associated with the relief of aches and pains for centuries. It was used as an arthritis treatment in the time of the ancient Greeks, and has continued to be a folk remedy to the present day. Some believe that contact with copper increases circulation, when results in pain relief.

The use of magnets in healing has an equally ancient pedigree. Aristotle documented his discoveries about the healing effects of magnet. Centuries later Queen Elizabeth Iís doctor, William Gilbert, wrote a book about the healing properties of magnets. Today, alternative healers believe that magnets balance the bioenergy in the body in a gentle and natural way. Some also say that magnets affect the circulatory system.

A copper magnetic bracelet is said to combine both copper and magnet therapies, stimulating circulation and balancing the bodyís energy. Some practitioners believe that many illnesses are the result of imbalances in the bodyís biological and magnetic fields. The bracelet repairs these imbalances.

Support for the healing effect of a copper magnet bracelet is widespread, although accounts of its success are mostly anecdotal. Athletes, in particular golfers, have reported great success with magnetic therapy. Copper magnetic bracelets are aimed at treating conditions such as joint and muscle pain.

Neither magnets nor copper are approved for medical use by the Food and Drug Administration. However, some research on animals has shown that altering magnetic fields can reduce inflammation, according to Dr. Steven Abramson of the Hospital of Join Diseases in Manhattan. Pulsed electromagnetic fields have been demonstrated to be effective for treating slow-healing fractures.

A 1997 controlled study published in the Archives of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine suggests that magnets may relieve pain. The experiment involved 50 people who suffered from pain years after recovering from polio. Researchers at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston found significantly reduced symptoms among subjects using magnets.

Other doctors, like Stephen Barrett, M.D., insist that there is no basis to the claim that either copper or small magnets have any healing properties. They say the claims that a copper magnetic bracelet can increase circulation or reduce inflammation are simplistic and are not supported by the weight of experimental evidence. One study, conducted at a university medical center, found these bracelets had no effect at all.

Even critics agree that wearing a copper magnetic bracelet is not going to physically harm most people, although they warn that there is some chance the bracelet might disrupt pacemakers or insulin pumps. It can also damage your wristwatch if you wear them together.

Copper magnetic bracelets are considered to be unproven remedies. Thereís no proof that they work, but thereís also no proof that they donít work. If youíre suffering from aches and pains or arthritis pain, a copper magnetic bracelet may be just what you need!

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